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One of Ireland's signature drinks, the Irish Coffee was created in 1942 by Joe Sheridan, a chef from Limerick. He was welcoming American visitors to Ireland, who were arriving on a cold winter night, and decided to put whiskey in their coffee to warm them up. When his guests enquired what the drink was, Sheridan declared it was an Irish Coffee, and the rest is history!

irish coffee

Follow these simple steps to make the perfect Irish Coffee:

  1. Add a 25ml/1foz of Irish Whiskey to a warmed coffee glass.
  2. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of brown sugar into the whiskey,
  3. Add coffee, approx 1 double espresso with some hot water, it should almost fill the glass but be sure to leave room for the cream. Stir well.
  4. Use the back of a spoon to pour lightly whipped cream onto the coffee so it floats on top. One heaped tablespoon of cream should be enough to fill up the glass.
  5. Drink and Enjoy!

To make a Baileys Coffee, simply follow the recipe above but replace the 25ml/1foz of Irish Whiskey with 25ml/1foz of Baileys!