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Dancing Classes: Irish Style riverdance

Riverdance has always been synonymous with Irish entertainment and while some groups who travel to Ireland get to sit back and watch the dancers, why not have your group on the stage themselves. We believe Riverdance classes will be one of the most memorable experiences of the incentive trip. Learning to master the steps and rhythms will require energy and enthusiasm but the end result will be a unique performance of the famed Riverdance.

Out of the office and faced with new challenges watch staff work together in teams and boost motivation, encourage relationships and most of all have fun. Below is a sample of some of the team building activities we provide for our groups.

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Jeep Rally

Four people, one jeep, one roadmap, one destination and the adventure of a lifetime en route. Teams take control and navigate your way through the Irish countryside.

Celtic Olympics

A variety of unusual games will get the everyone motivated to rise to the challenge. Fun and enthusiasm are required to tackle the Welly Throwing competition and much more!

Treasure Hunt

Teams race around the city to complete the treasure hunt and perhaps meet some of the locals along the way. 

Working Farm Day

Get your hands dirty and learn a different way of life on your day on a working farm. Find out exactly what it takes to be a farmer...


  Cooking Class

Always a favourite and enjoyed by all, release your inner chef and learn some traditional Irish recipes... eating the food at the end is just a bonus


"We value your professional and loyal cooperation and look forward to further successful events with you in 2012 and beyond."
Tanja Latsch, WIGE Events, 2011

Tanja and her groups came to Ireland over the course of the summer in 2011. One of the highlights of their
programme was the jeep rally which we customised specifically for her group.

The jeep rally is a fun and exciting full day activity which incorporates adventure, activities, food
and drinks (soft drinks for the drivers of course).

How it works:
The group is divided into teams and two people per team are elected as drivers. Armed with a tailor made
road-book, navigational equipment, a rule book, maps and cameras the team then drive themselves through the Irish
countryside, completing missions and stopping to sample some local cuisine along the way.

Why it works:
As an incentive idea the jeep rally has it all: it is interactive, fun, adventurous and some might say challenging because they have
to master driving on the opposite side of the road!

We find most of our incentive participants are ready for this challenge and are happy with their accomplishments when the day is done. The jeep rally includes an activity stop which spurs some friendly competition and it allows co-workers to have the chance to build on relationships while navigating their way around the countryside and reaching each target location.



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